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A Portrait for Toni

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Love ya. He heard that often. What he wanted to hear was I love you, Carter. I’m in love with you. Or something remotely in the ballpark.

His phone was silent, but he kept it against his ear, eyes closed, as he pressed the fingers of his other hand against his eyes.

He should tell her no, because at this rate, she’d start thinking that he was always the easy fallback. She needed to realize that he had a life outside of her. That…

Who was he kidding? He’d known the second he heard her ring that he’d do whatever she needed. He pulled the phone away from his ear and stared at it, willing it to send a text with the right words. Something. Anything.


Honestly I read this book in what totaled up to about one day, and that is saying something because this book is longer than average. Toni's story pulled me in; it was emotional, heart-breaking and full of conflict. Lyon attacks the topic of eating disorders head on and leaves no details to be spared. I appreciated the candidness of the broaching the topic because it is a serious one and it definitely helps others to be aware of what signs to look for and what that person is experiencing and feeling who has an eating disorder.

I was so, so, so sad for Carter. Man that guy really knew the meaning of compassion and love. Honestly I could not believe that he continually kept coming back into Toni's life even when he made it clear he couldn't go on like that anymore. I felt conflicted for him! The way Toni finds out about his love for her was so awkward and awful, I could feel it right through the book! A Portrait for Toni is a gripping story that tackles difficult issues in a head-on and direct manner. It is a tale of love, forgiveness, pain and acceptance. If you want a book with substance and grit, this is the one for you!

—Crystal Job. Find the full review on her blog, Books Are Sanity.