Spires of Stone


In the spirit of Much Ado about Nothing, Spires of Stone is a wonderfully rich story that will linger in your heart and mind long after you’ve finished reading it.
—Michele Bell, author of Perfect Timing, and A Candle in the Window

With intrigue, love, redemption, and characters you'll cherish, Spires of Stone will capture your heart.
—H.B. Moore, author of the Out of Jerusalem series

The construction of the Salt Lake Temple provides an illuminating backdrop for this story of romantic love, scandal, sacrifice, forgiveness, and reunion.
—Kerri Robinson, coauthor of A Banner Is Unfurled

A witty and well-crafted historical romance that will leave you wishing it were twice as long.
—Jeffrey S. Savage, The Shandra Covington mystery series

Spires of Stone by Annette Lyon
Review by Tristi Pinkson, Families.com

Releasing to stores within the week, LDS novelist Annette Lyon's new book "Spires of Stone" is a story set against the backdrop of the building of the Salt Lake Temple in 1867.

Phillip, Claude and Ben are brothers who have been serving a mission in New York. It's time for them to return home, and each brings with him some additional baggage. Phillip carries photographic equipment-he plans to set up a photography studio when he gets home. Claude carries the burden of a young lady he should not have spent time with while in the mission field, and Ben is troubled by the knowledge that when he arrives home, he'll have to face Bethany, the young lady he had a falling out with some time before. Once good friends, now they verbally spar with each other at every opportunity. He can only hope that time has mellowed her some-her barbs always had a way of sticking.

Bethany is not looking forward to Ben's return. His humiliation was more than she could bear, and she has made it a habit to retaliate with criticism. Time hasn't softened the deepness of her hurt, and when her sister Hannah announces that the boys are back, she's filled with dread, especially when she realizes they're walking up the street and will catch her covered in dirt from the garden.

Taking her theme from Shakespeare's "Much Ado about Nothing," Utah Best of State Medalist Annette Lyon weaves a tale of romance, tragedy, and humor that takes on a life of its own as the characters step out of their molds and spin the story a whole new way. The third in Annette's temple series, but her fifth novel overall, it's easy to see why she has such a devoted following of dedicated readers.

Spires of Stone by Annette Lyon
Reviewed by Dayna Davis, LDSFiles.com Staff Writer

Bethany Hansen can't stand the sight of Benjamin Adams. His very presence completely irritates her, and vice-versa. So, when Hannah takes an interest in Ben's brother, Claude, Bethany sees much more of Ben than she wants to. But Philip, the third brother, also has an interest in Hannah. Things get complicated in this historical romance — set amidst the building of the Salt Lake Temple.

This was my very favorite book by Annette Lyon — and I think that I've read everything that she has written! I couldn't put it down. I thought the relationships between brothers and sisters were realistic and compelling. The social interactions between characters were interesting and fun. It was wonderfully addictive and I couldn't wait to see how it ended. There was one loose end that I would have liked to see wrapped up — but I guess it didn't really matter to the story. This is a great example of a light hearted romantic story, well worth the price.