Tying the Knot

When Athena Di Jasper accepts dashing bookstoreowner Grey Ronning’s proposal for marriage and they sit down to work out the details of the wedding, they discover it’s a daunting task. Most of Athena’s family lives in Greece, so Athena and Grey decide there’s only one thing they can do: take a cruise and have a destination wedding in Athens—and with their trademark show of support, the women of the Newport Ladies Book Club are going international with them.

The cruise turns out to be life changing for more than Athena and Grey. Aboard the ship, each bookclub lady unfolds a new chapter of her life. In this final installment of the beloved Newport Ladies Book Club series, discover what’s in store for Athena, Ruby, Ilana, Olivia, Victoria, Daisy, Paige, and Shannon. From mending marriages to overcoming addictions, the women of this remarkable group meet their triumphs and tragedies as they always have: together.

Timeless Romance Anthologies

Each Timeless Romance Anthology features six sweet romance novellas, featuring Heather B. Moore, Sarah M. Eden, and Annette Lyon, plus three other talented, hand-picked writers for each volume.

There, Their, They’re

It’s here! The 2nd edition of the word nerd’s grammar book is a clear and easy answers to your most common grammar, usage, and punctuation questions. In this second edition, you’ll find more than sixty new and expanded entries in this much-used resource used by professional editors, novelists, students preparing for the ACT, and those who simply want to master grammar once and for all. The Word Nerd once again cuts through the convoluted terminology by explaining things in a way even the most frustrated writer can understand.

Done & Done

In today’s fast-paced world, millions are busy and stressed out, and they find accomplishing their goals to be a struggle, no matter how many to-do lists and motivational posters they create. The solution is simple. By finding and working with a solid accountability partner, you’ll get the support and structure you need to dramatically increase your productivity and keep you motivated. In this practical, conversational book, you’ll learn how best to create your daily to-do list, how to trick yourself into getting work done, how to fight Resistance, and how to make the most of your own cheering section. Annette Lyon and Luisa Perkins draw on their years of experience as successful accountability partners, laying out their best strategies for reaching your goals while reducing your stress and actually enjoying your life again!

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A Portrait for Toni

Platonic friends can’t be anything else, or can they?

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Band of Sisters Series

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As Paige leans on her book club friends and new boyfriend, one thing becomes clear: healing from the past requires more than a change of address.

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Temple Series

Four novels of hope, loss, and love, each centered on one of the four oldest Utah temples.

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Lost Without You

Will Brooke be safe from her unbalanced ex-boyfriend? And can Greg Stevens ever heal from the death of his wife and open his heart again? A delightfully gripping novel about the occasionally treacherous path to true love, and one woman's unexpected journey along it.

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At the Water's Edge

Annela grew up feeling alone and unwanted. Now she has decided to begin a new life based on baptism and obedience to gospel principles, but that choice seems to only complicate her life in all aspects: her family, then her job, and finally with romance.

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Chocolate Never Faileth Cookbook

Indulge yourself—‌as well as your family and friends—‌with this sumptuous collection of recipes dedicated to the world’s favorite flavor: chocolate.

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