From Chapter One

“So what are you saying?” Christopher asked, eyes darting from the road to Brooke and back again. His hands gripped the steering wheel a bit tighter.

Brooke eyed the climbing speedometer and lowered her voice. Christopher had always been a safe driver; she’d never seen the needle go so much as five miles above the speed limit with him. “I guess I’m saying that you’re not the one for me.”

“I see.” Christopher’s voice was quiet. His jaw tensed, and his eyes practically bored holes through the windshield. Brooke couldn’t help but stare at the look in his eyes, as if some other personality had taken possession of him. She hardly recognized the man sitting beside her.

They were in the middle of Provo Canyon for an evening drive, and there wasn’t a good place to turn around. Christopher kept driving, deeper into the canyon and not slowing down, even at the tight curves. Brooke’s fingers gripped the edges of her seat. They made it all the way to Heber City before turning around and racing through the canyon the other direction. Christopher didn’t say another word the entire time; neither did Brooke. There was no point in discussing the matter or causing bigger wounds. They both knew it was over.

General Book Information

Contemporary Romance
Trade Paperback
Covenant Communications
$14.95, 201 pages
ISBN 1-59156-019-5
First Printing July 2020

Revised Digital Publication
Second Edition July 2010

Lost Without You

For months, Christopher Morris has been Brooke’s idea of the perfect man—attractive, charming, and fun to be around. But lately he’s begun acting strangely, becoming possessive, controlling, and moody. Brooke feels she has no choice but to break up with him, but Christopher doesn’t take it well. He drives her wildly back home and gets into a car accident.

That’s when Brooke first meets police officer Greg Stevens. After she keeps meeting him—at the worst possible times—the begin dating. Greg confesses he’s a widower and that Brooke is the first woman he has so much as looked at in years.

But as Brooke agonizes over whether Greg will ever be able to truly love her, Christopher makes a dangerous return into her life, deciding that if he can’t have her, no one can.

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