Logan, Utah—August 1877

A heavy cough from the other room forced Lizzy to lay aside her journal. She swung her legs to the floor and hurried to six-year-old David's side.

"I thought you were asleep," Lizzy said, reaching for the spare blanket at the base of his bed. She wrapped it around her little brother as he coughed again. "You're going to catch cold."

"I already have a cold, Lizzy, remember?" David attempted a laugh and started a new round of coughing. She sat down and held him until the attack subsided. The doctor had warned the family that David's condition might develop into pneumonia, but no one talked much about the prospect, as if fearing to tempt fate.

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General Book Information

Historical Romance
Trade Paperback
Covenant Communications
$14.95, 298 pages
ISBN 1-59156-685-1
First Printing February 2005
House On the Hill

It's the late 1870s, and Lizzy Sullivan is struggling to understand why God hasn't healed her little brother David. Then one night, tragedy strikes Lizzy's family when their rural home burns down. Financially unable to rebuild, the Sullivans must find another place to live—and Lizzy must leave her lifelong friend Joshua behind.

When a family in Logan invites the Sullivans to share their home, Lizzy's father begins work as a mason on the Logan temple. Against her mother's wishes, Lizzy begins a relationship and falls in love with Abe, a young man who is not a member of the Church. Little does Lizzy realize that she will be forced to choose between Abe and Joshua, two good men. What does she truly want in her life?

House on the Hill, by best-selling author Annette Lyon, will sweep you back in time to a faithful community where life was simpler than it is today, but matters of the heart were every bit as complex.


I have had a love of Logan and its temple since I was a child. My grandparents, August and Frieda Miller Luthy, raised their family of eleven children in Logan, and my grandfather worked as a temple groundskeeper for several years. My parents were married in the Logan temple, as were my husband and I.

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"Annette Lyon steps out of her usual contemporary mode to write a story of the heart that takes the reader back more than a hundred years. The setting of House on the Hill is the late 1870s, when the Logan temple was under construction. Lyon's own love for the Cache Valley and Logan Temple shine through her story, making it one of those hard-to-put-down novels."
—Jennie Hansen, Meridian Magazine

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