General Book Information

Hardback, Spiral Bound
Covenant Communications
$21.99, 230 pages
ISBN 160861047
First Printing October 2010


No matter how carefully an author and publishing team work on a book, errors can (and do) slip through. Here are a handful of mistakes which will be corrected in future editions. For now, they leave us all scratching our heads, wondering how they slipped through and who added them in the first place!

3-Minute Microwave Cake
Page 35

A mystery individual added a new first sentence to the instructions. Just ignore "preheat oven to 350." (This is, after all, a MICROWAVE cake.)

Brownie Cookie Bites
Page 55

The ingredients list is missing the fat. You can certainly make them without it, but they'll taste largely like cocoa and flour. Add a stick of softened butter or 1/2 C vegetable oil.

Heavenly Chocolate Bars
Page 70

Somehow adding flour got inserted into the instructions for the topping. No flour is listed in the ingredients, and no flour is correct.

Mom's Honey Chocolate-Mousse Icing
Page 176

Typo in the anecdote: reads Read Food Chocolate Cake; should be Real Food.

Chocolate Pavlova
Page 193

The anecdote in the original printing states that the countries who claim this dessert as their own are New Zealand and Austria. Not sure how it got there, because it should read Australia.

Chocolate Never Faileth

Indulge yourself—as well as your family and friends—with this sumptuous collection of recipes dedicated to the world’s favorite flavor: chocolate. Brimming with a delectable assortment ranging from simple treats to show-stopping desserts, the dainty to decadent selections include cakes, cookies, pastries, sauces, candies, ice creams, puddings, brownies, and beverages—along with some unexpected chocolate delights.

Mixed, melted, molded, drizzled, piped, curled, or grated, you’re sure to find the right tantalizing recipe to fill every chocolate lover’s dreams—again and again. And this charming book outlines step-by-step techniques that make even the most ambitious confections simple enough for any home cook.